Would you like to learn how to develop your workforce and improve business performance?

When it comes to your business and particularly your employees, quality is more important than quantity. You already know Pareto management principle that says 80% of the money your business makes comes from 20% of your workforce. The crux of the Pareto Principle is that your business can be more successful if your gifted staffs perform at their best. In this post we will show you how we can help you develop your workforce and improve business performance.

Whether you’re into manufacturing, trade or services, we can help your business. From Operations management to Sales & Marketing, we can help your employees work smarter to increase your revenue and profits by a factor of 10. How do we mean?  We are not magicians but there are ten value-adding services we can quickly implement for your business to get you running at full-throttle. We will highlight just five of these just to keep this post brief and direct.



Five Ways to Develop Your Workforce

Here are the five quick ways you can develop your workforce and reap the benefits of improved performance.

1. Renew and Energize Your Workforce with Young motivated Graduates
We will help you attract skilled young graduates who will give their energies and zeal to move your business forward. We call it Graduate Executive Trainee Program. Proven GETP is a very affordable temporary job scheme designed to allow graduates intern and earn while your business reaps all the benefits. That is one sure way to develop your workforce and improve business performance.

2. Infuse Experience & Dynamic Expertise into the Core of Your Team
Your team should be built around core experienced staff who know business is about service, expertise and a real determination to help your business make money. We believe your business needs such staff and we can get them for you. Trust me, we can get you the best experienced hands.

3. Streamline Your Manpower Management by Outsourcing Non-Core Functions                      Some businesses run bloated staff profile and waste lots of hours managing non-core employees. That shouldn’t be you. If 20% of your employees bring 80% of the results, then the bulk of your manpower management workload should be concentrated on the core staffs that run your core business. In a nutshell, we want you to outsource the non-core functions to us while you devote your time to what really matters. We ensure that the outsourced staff are managed in a way that will help improve your business performance.

4. Recruit On-Time, Online And Do It Right With Proven Job Directory                                        Whatever vacancy you need to fill, you can recruit fast and get it right if you do it online. The best talents are upwardly mobile and they are constantly online. That is why we built this Proven Jobs, an online job board that allows employers like you advertise their job vacancies without spending lots of money on the hiring process.

5. Provide Practical Job-Specific Training for Your Employees                                                        We can help train your employees with job-specific programs that will yield immediate improvement in their performance. We provide skill enhancing training programs such as Effective Leadership, Digital Marketing, Personal Selling, Customer Service, HR Management, Business Communication, Procurement etc. Just tell us what skills you want to develop and we will customize a pocket-friendly training plan for you.


Let’s Work For You

You may wonder who we are and how we can really help you. Proven Ability is an HR Consultancy Company in Lagos. For over 20 cumulative years, we have been helping businesses like yours develop HR structures and policies for managing employees and optimizing performance. Our clients trust us to deliver results at very affordable cost and we don’t disappoint.

Wherever your business is in Nigeria, we would really like to meet with you so we can tailor our services to your business needs. To let you know how eager we are to collaborate with you, we will give you a free consultation and an assessment of your Human Resource needs right at your workplace at no cost.

Call or mail us today so we can schedule a meeting to start helping your business right away.

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