Are you a job-seeker and would you like to find job with ease? If you are eagerly looking for how to find a good employment without breaking bones, this is for you. If what you seek is a job in Lagos or in any  of the major cities in Nigeria? I have good news for you; many are still finding employment opportunities here in this blessed but challenging country. If you say all you see is lay-offs and retrenchments, perhaps you are not looking hard enough. Trust me, there are still opportunities here and you too can smile like the faces in the gallery below.


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A Difficult Task

However, before we share the good news, let’s start with the reality on ground right now, as it is in Nigeria. Finding a good job in time like this can be so difficult. You know why? The economy is on the low and lots of graduates are out there seeking for employment breakthrough. The market is saturated with job-seekers as fresh blood keeps joining the chase every other year. As if that is not enough, older retrenched staff are also re-entering the market to find new beginnings for themselves. How can you stand out? What can you do to break the barrier and find something for yourself; something that will justify all the years and money spent on education. There is a way and I will show you.

Traditional Won’t Do It

First, you must come to terms with the fact that traditional won’t do it. If you still pursue jobs via traditional means by submitting your CV from door-to-door, you may never get it right. That method no longer suits the trend. Its like waiting at a station for a train that is long gone! Besides employers are now shifting 90% of the manpower sourcing tasks online to eliminate boring paper work. So where would you rather be found; via street search all over the city and hard copies of CVs submitted to  gate-men. Tell me, would that do it? How about via an online profile that can be accessed on the go?

A Better and Easier Way

There is a better and easier way to land your dream job. That is the good news I want to share with you today. Of a truth, there is skill displacement everywhere as technology keeps changing the way we live and work. If you are unemployed, maybe a change in skill or attitude is all you need to hit the mark and find a good job. At Proven Ability, we understand that the game has changed and so should you. You can automate your job search and let opportunities find you via your emails and social media accounts anywhere you are in Nigeria.


Find job with ease

Let Proven Ability find you a job today. We will teach you amazing job search techniques that will help you achieve your dream within a short period. You need to have an account on a job platform like ours and build your profile to suit the kind of job you are hunting for.

Learn the Way with our Freebies

In the next few weeks I will be sharing posts on tricks and tips that will help you land your dream job with ease. I will also give you free ebooks that will help you rewrite your resume and prepare for job interview. Remember, Proven Ability stands for easy employment. So watch out for lots of freebies here. You can start with this post PROVEN WAYS TO LAND YOUR DREAM JOB

Click the link below to watch this short video to learn how to jump on our wagon as we move you further towards your dream job.

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