Proven HROS (Human Resources Optimization Service)

Proven HROS is our solution for your need for a quality Human Resources unit that will raise the quality and performance of your workforce.

Having an efficiently run human resources unit will provide your organization with structure and the ability to manage your employees effectively. The HR unit champions excellent work attitude and corporate culture which improves the overall business performance. All vibrant companies adopt this structure because of its merits, hence we enjoin you to do the same.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • We will help you update your HR Policy/Procedure and Employee Handbook so as to promote sound corporate culture and give clear direction to employees.
  • We recruit a competent HR Manager who will coordinate your company’s day-to-day HR Functions and tasks (e.g. Recruitment, Employee Relations, Safety, Training, Compensation & Benefits
  • We will also customize and deploy a robust HR Management Software (with Self-Services| Leave Management |Appraisal |Payroll integration modules) and integrate the HR Unit into your overall business function.


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