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Proven Candidate Shortlisting


  • 30 Days Membership
  • Unlimited resume posting

Let's help you fill your vacancies. We handle the process and shortlist candidates for your final selection.

Well-written Job Description

  • We discuss the job, role and the expectations; create detail Job description. We also list criteria for selecting candidates (compulsory and desirable)

Job Vacancy ads

  • Run vacancy ads on our website Send job vacancy to subscribers via emails, facebook, twitter, sms
  • Up to 28 days ads run time

Manage Applications

  • Receive and manage applications/CVs on your behalf

Screening of Applicants

  • We screen applications, match them against the listed criteria to determine suitability for the role.

Shortlisted Candidates

  • We send you the profile and test results of shortlisted candidates for final consideration.

Short-listing Service Fee: 15% of the total emolument of the successful candidate

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Proven Resume Shortlisting


  • 1 resume posting

Do you just want to shortlist candidates without advertising your vacancy? This is a self-service product is for you. You run the process without our input.

Well-written Job Description

  • Fill out the job category you wish to use

Candidate Profile

  • Fill out the profile of your ideal candidates such as demography, education, skill and work experience

Populate Suggested Resumes

  • The system automatically generates a list of resumes that fit your needs straight from our pool.

Screen & Download Resumes

  • Screen applications, match them against the listed criteria to determine suitability for the role.

Shortlist Candidates

  • Shortlist and contact the best candidates as you deem fit.
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Proven is a vibrant career development platform that empowers job-seekers to get their dream jobs with ease. On Proven you can find jobs, access
free online courses and get advice to plot your career path. Every job has been verified by our customer service unit.

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